Friday, May 13, 2011

Updated Pricing

I have updated pricing information for countries for which the Android Market has recently been extended.

People in those countries such as South Africa (special thanks to Karl for bringing this to my attention), should now be able to purchase the application should they so desire.



  1. I was trying to get the contact information for the developer of Defensoid. My name is Amee and I am with Appbackr and have a few questions I would like to discuss with the developer.

    My email is

  2. yep darren... amee is right - how can we contact you?

    congrats on your success :-)

  3. This game:
    is very similar to yours?

  4. Thanks for pointing that out! The developer Markingl seems to have "developed" two games that directly infringe my own. "Glow Defense" and "Geometry Defense". I've notified the Android Market. They even used promotional text from "Hex Defense" in their description.

  5. Hi Darren, any news on future updates for Defensoid?

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  8. Hey Darren, are you going to update defensoid so that those of us that bought it can still play it? Currently I'm using a Droid TURBO and the bottom of the screen is cut off by the options bar (black bar with 3 white dots on it)

    I can email you a pic if you need. And I'm sure patching this would be incredibly easy.

    Hope to hear back from ya. Email is

  9. Hello Darren, my copy of Defensoid has stopped working, saying "Application not licensed". Could you contact me to get it working again please?