Monday, August 30, 2010


I am aware that the hard difficulty is currently too hard on some levels. While I have personally beat the levels on all difficulties, I've since made changes to enemy health and tower damage that have thrown things off balance. The next update will correct this. The hard mode was not intended to be impossible. Starting energy will most likely be increased for some levels in this mode, along with a possible across the board damage increase.

In creating Defensoid, my goal was not to make an overly difficult tower defense experience, but rather an accessible and fun one. "Beating the game" on normal should be well within reach (after a few tries of course). The hard difficulty takes much more care. The early game is critical for later success. One of the modifications I made was to cap energy gained from killing Oids to 25 (except for the Bossoid). As one user pointed out in the comments, this will only take you so far when the Oids have twice the health.

So stay tuned. Suggestions are always welcome.

Defensoid 1.01 Update

The 1.01 update has been pushed to the market:

1. Fixed some issues with saving the game. This process should now be both faster and more robust.
2. Added landscape mode support on the game over screen. Users should no longer have to look sideways.
3. Removed an API call that was unsupported in Android version 1.6. Users running 1.6 should try the game again. I apologize for that oversight.
4. Minor path finding bug fixed.

*** YOUR CURRENT SAVE will no longer be valid due to changes in that system.

If you experience performance issues, use the settings menu to disable the sound effects and/or music (don't just turn down the sound, use the check box).

Please continue sending bug reports if you have issues, along with a quick description of what you were doing at the time, as they are very helpful.

Thanks for playing!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the works...


Here are some known issues:

1. Users with hard keyboards would like to not have to look sideways to input their name when they get a high score.

2. A few users are experiencing force closures when resuming a game, usually after going and doing something else for awhile.

While I have been unable to replicate the second problem, I will make that functionality more robust in the next update. A fix for the first issue will also be included.

I intend to roll most non-critical fixes into roughly weekly updates (if necessary). Thank you for sending in the bug reports (of which there have been relatively few, so I'm pleased overall)!

Phone Compatibility:

A user left a comment that the game doesn't work on the Dell Streak. I have been unable to test this, but for now unfortunately I'm forced to call that device unsupported. I did not design the graphics with that large a screen in mind, however I'm not sure what would be preventing it from working anyway (though it might look strange).

Another user was experiencing force closures on the Droid Eris. I feel that might be an isolated case. The game was primary developed using the Eris, and has given me no such troubles. Force closures on Android can happen for many reasons, and can be caused by other running apps, widgets, or services. I will continue to make sure that it isn't Defensoid causing the problem however!

A user reported that the G1 won't load the game at all. If anyone out there has it on the G1, let me know if this is the case for you as well. Until I can get my hands on one to test with, it will be difficult to troubleshoot.

Thanks for playing! As always, feel free to email the support address with any issues.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Defensoid Screens

Defensoid Lite

As promised, Defensoid Lite is here!

If you haven't already purchased the full version, give it a spin.  It includes two levels and all options available in the full version.

The full version has twenty levels, with more to come.  In the near future, global high scores will also be added!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Version

Gamers rejoice!

A free version is in the works for those who would like to play around with the game a bit before buying.  I didn't want to deprive the world of the actual game for a second longer than necessary, so I released the paid version first.

Thank you everyone for your interest and support thus far!

Please feel free to leave game feedback here on the blog, or via email (  Suggestions are welcome.

Defensoid 1.0 Released

Defensoid is now available on the android market.  I hope you enjoy it!

This site is under construction, and there is much more to follow, so check back soon!