Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the works...


Here are some known issues:

1. Users with hard keyboards would like to not have to look sideways to input their name when they get a high score.

2. A few users are experiencing force closures when resuming a game, usually after going and doing something else for awhile.

While I have been unable to replicate the second problem, I will make that functionality more robust in the next update. A fix for the first issue will also be included.

I intend to roll most non-critical fixes into roughly weekly updates (if necessary). Thank you for sending in the bug reports (of which there have been relatively few, so I'm pleased overall)!

Phone Compatibility:

A user left a comment that the game doesn't work on the Dell Streak. I have been unable to test this, but for now unfortunately I'm forced to call that device unsupported. I did not design the graphics with that large a screen in mind, however I'm not sure what would be preventing it from working anyway (though it might look strange).

Another user was experiencing force closures on the Droid Eris. I feel that might be an isolated case. The game was primary developed using the Eris, and has given me no such troubles. Force closures on Android can happen for many reasons, and can be caused by other running apps, widgets, or services. I will continue to make sure that it isn't Defensoid causing the problem however!

A user reported that the G1 won't load the game at all. If anyone out there has it on the G1, let me know if this is the case for you as well. Until I can get my hands on one to test with, it will be difficult to troubleshoot.

Thanks for playing! As always, feel free to email the support address with any issues.

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