Monday, August 30, 2010

Defensoid 1.01 Update

The 1.01 update has been pushed to the market:

1. Fixed some issues with saving the game. This process should now be both faster and more robust.
2. Added landscape mode support on the game over screen. Users should no longer have to look sideways.
3. Removed an API call that was unsupported in Android version 1.6. Users running 1.6 should try the game again. I apologize for that oversight.
4. Minor path finding bug fixed.

*** YOUR CURRENT SAVE will no longer be valid due to changes in that system.

If you experience performance issues, use the settings menu to disable the sound effects and/or music (don't just turn down the sound, use the check box).

Please continue sending bug reports if you have issues, along with a quick description of what you were doing at the time, as they are very helpful.

Thanks for playing!

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