Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Defensoid 1.09 Released

1.  Brand new settings menu, now featuring volume sliders!
2.  Three new levels - Tiers (easy), Split Up (medium), and Hotspot (hard).  Note that difficulties are somewhat subjective...what I consider easy, you may consider hard and vice versa.
3.  Pathfinding bug fix - In special cases some paths would not be found.  Now they are.
4.  For High DPI graphics devices the correct dead Bossoid should now be shown, as well as the "Pause" text in the menu.


Oh...and I nearly forgot!  The full version is now on SALE for $0.99!!!

This won't last forever, so take advantage of it while you can!  Happy Valentines Day (a day late).

Questions / Comments / Concerns - hit up support@defensoid.com


  1. Could you add some Archievments?

    like so:
    - kill 10/100/1000/9999 Monsters (in a row)
    - Complete 5/10/15/all Levels
    - buy 10/20/50 laser towers in a single level
    - complete a map with only building XXX-Towers
    - complete a map with only 10/5 towers

  2. Loving the new maps, I hit wave 343 on Tiers.

    Split Up took longer to figure out a good start for than Hotspot. Haven't tried either with Infinite Oids yet.

    Defensoid is the best tower defense game on Android. My friend with an iPhone is incredibly jealous.

    I'd love to see Scoreloop support come up.

  3. I'm really looking forward to a 2.0 version with bigger maps, some new oids and towers... I've been playing this for months solid but now I need something new!

  4. I used to have an Android device and this was one of my favorite games! Would really love if it were available for apple devices. Any chance that would be possible??

    1. Sorry, but there are no current plans to port the game to iOS.

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