Saturday, September 4, 2010

Defensoid 1.03 Released

In this update:

1. Users of Android 2.2 now have the option of installing the game to their SD card.

2. Copy protection has been removed in favor of Google's new(ish) licensing scheme. The full version now requires two permissions to support this. The license permission allows the game to query the license server, and the "read phone state" permission allows the game to access your phone's IMEI number (a unique identifier for your phone).

3. Players can now see more information on the map choosing screen. The high scores will be pulled from your local scores. The three grey circles indicate (from left to right) if you have completed that level on easy, normal, or hard. The circle will light up in glorious purple when you complete the level on a difficulty (not infinite). The highest wave you've reached will also be displayed. Note: Because this information wasn't stored before, the only information that might be there is your high score. You will have to re-complete the level to get the circles to light up, or get max wave information.

4. Other minor bug fixes.

Please let me know if any issues arise. I've read about problems occuring with other applications when copy protection is removed. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition. If there are issues, please try reinstalling the game. Unfortunately, this causes all of your scores to be lost...but hey, you have to replay the levels anyway to light up the circles! But I do apologize in advance if there are issues.

Go defend!



  1. I use multiple phones, is this going to negatively impact my ability to use the game on my other non-primary devices?

  2. Sorry to double post, but perhaps a sim card number, if possible would be a better idea, as that's more likely to stay more consistent, or even the specific gmail address?

  3. While Google's licensing library offers the ability to limit the number of devices an application can reside on, I did not use those features.

    There should be no restriction to the number of devices upon which you can enjoy Defensoid!

    I use the IMEI number as extra obfuscation only.

  4. Thanks for the fast reply. Its good to hear we'll still be able to rock no matter what phone we use. I love this game, and really appreciate all the support and updates you provide

  5. Purchased the game today but I can't start (HTC Legend):

    "The application process com.defensoid has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"

    Please fix a.s.a.p.

  6. Please try again after updating to 1.04.

  7. 1.04 appears to have fixed the FC issue on my droid Incredible.

    Thanks for the speedy update!

  8. A nice game,just bought it, and informative blog, was wondering why the permission was required! :)