Saturday, September 18, 2010

Defensoid 1.06 Released

In this update:

1. Two new levels in the full version! They are named "Launcher" and "Spearhead", and can be found near the bottom of the level list. It's my weekend gift to all of you.

2. Upon reaching zero lives, the game now ends.

3. Fixed a bug related to hitting the "home" button from the game over screen. Upon resuming the game, a player would incorrectly have full health and could keep playing.

4. Fixed a bug involving the infinite Oids setting that incorrectly ended resumed games prematurely.

5. Some basic Oid descriptions have been added to the instructions.

Note: Both versions are now 1.06 to keep version numbers consistent (and me sane). There was no version 1.05 of the free version as some might have noticed.



  1. Errr... so does this update change the "free" version? :) ok am updating it anyway to check it out. Great game though! :)

  2. Yes, both versions have changed. Bug fixes generally apply to both.

  3. I have been getting a lot of force closes when I leave a game mid-level, and then try to load it up back in later. I have rooted and hacked the crap out of my phone so it *may* be that. Samsung Vibrant. It doesn't happen on my g1 though. It has been happening through the last 4-5 updates, prior to that it was fine. If you would like a system dump from when it happens let me know.

    p.s. this really isnt a complaint, as I can work around it, just not sure if it's common for the vibrant or not

  4. @Smerff

    I haven't had any device specific complaints, or any bug patterns that seem to come from certain devices, so I don't think it is the phone itself.

    There is an existing issue with the game saving though. In particular when you receive a call while playing. I am working on a fix for this, and maybe the fix will take care of your problem as well. It doesn't happen all the time, which makes it one of those frustrating (and probably simple) bugs developers hate.