Monday, September 6, 2010

Defensoid 1.05 and Defensoid Lite 1.04

This update makes the hard difficulty harder!

Sorry for the double update, but I wasn't done with the level adjustments and wanted to release the crash fix ASAP.



  1. Darren,

    its still too easy on hard.
    I'm using Division as the benchmark. It used to require recycling of towers at the precise time just to have enough energy to rebuild towers of the necessary types in a better position. It's still an easy walk through.

    On the topic of reducing the size. I don't play with any sounds (I find it bugs the hell out of anyone nearby). Why don't you ship without many/most/all of the sound effects and have them downaloaded as and when they are required. This could even be done async and just kick in when they show up.


  2. Having to recycle towers at just the right time in order to place them somewhere else is a bit too involved for me. That isn't really what I intended for the hard difficulty.

    That said...I could add the ability to set starting energy in the preferences, along with a factor to increase Oid health. These custom settings would then override the default ones. One could then make the game as hard or easy as they like.

    As for sound resources, I've noticed some apps that do something similar. The multimedia would be a separate download. I would have to look into how that is done.

    Right now, my primary focus is on adding global high scores, but these things certainly aren't out of the question. Hard may yet become harder still...

  3. Hey Darren, how are you?

    I really wanted to purchase your game but only free Market stuff is allowed in my country so far. Is there another way to get it?


  4. Hi Guibao,

    There is currently no other way to get the full version other than the Android market.

    It is my understanding that some countries have secondary app stores. Is this the case in your country?

    Feel free to email me and we can talk further.

  5. Hi, (sorry for my poor english)

    I found a 'cheating' bug: Instead of filling your name for highscores you can press Home button and switch back again and choose Continue. Now you have full healing again and you can keep raising your highscore!

    And agree with the first poster about the unnecesary music files.

  6. Thanks for pointing this out! I will add a fix for this with the next update.

  7. Hi Darren,
    Loving the game so far. I may have encountered a bug, do you have a place for us to enter bug reports?


  8. @Marc Just email the support address with the details of the bug.